Accenture/Dynamo Hosts: Digital Disruption

22 June @ 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East England

Mark Larsen and Allan King, Managing Directors at Accenture’s UK Delivery Centre in Newcastle hosted a discussion on Digital Disruption in the modern day, as part of Digital Leaders Week 2017. 

What is digital disruption? Put simply, digital disruption is substantial business change caused by advances in and the application of digital technology. Are you ready for or apprehensive about the significant wave of change that is upon us?  Whilst many of us as business leaders are in a period of heightened alert due to the pace of change, at the same time digital disruption presents opportunities that are starting conversations, and our teams are immersing themselves deeply in the world of new technologies and revised business models.

The event consisted of introductions from Mark Larsen and Charlie Hoult, a guest speaker followed by a deliberation around Digital Disruption, and to finish with attendees were given an opportunity to network with many digital organisations from across the region. 

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