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Written by Louise Stokes, Head of Online, Digital Leaders

Today’s digital economy offers incredible opportunities for organisations to innovate, grow and become more operationally efficient. But these benefits from digital transformation need to be balanced with the systemic risks and impacts of a cyber-attack. Many high profile, global brands have already felt the pain from the reputational and financial damage that can ensue. Many more continue to struggle to properly understand what they can do and what good digital resilience looks like for them.

So where do you start? What does the leadership team need to know and do? What skills are required for organisations to prosper in the face of growing cyber risks and how can organisations balance their digital transformation with effective resilience?

This DLTV panel discussions brings together experts who will shed light on these challenging questions.
The Experts:

  • Vicki Gavin, Compliance Director, Head of Information Security and Business Continuity, The Economist Group
  • Richard Knowlton, former Vodafone Group Director of Corporate Security and Chairman of Richard Knowlton Associates
  • Nick Wilding, General Manager, Cyber Resilience, AXELOS Global Best Practice
  • Louisa Perry, Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry
  • Hosted by Kate Russell

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