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Written by Louise Stokes, Head of Online at Digital Leaders

In the latest DLTV, Kate Russell discusses Fintech with Shadi Razak (Head of Cyber Security & Compliance at CyNation), Simon Ware ( FinTech Innovation Lab) and Andra Sonea (Lead Solutions Architect, Digital Innovation Lab at Lloyds Banking Group). If you missed the recent live broadcast of DLTV catch up with the full episode but also other snippets from the 50 minute session below.

1. Introductions: Andra Sonea 02:22, Shadi Razak 03:23, Simon Ware 04:23

2. What is FinTech? 05:27 How does FinTech affect our daily lives? 06:00

3. How about for business? 07:38

4. What are further advantages of FinTeach in the banking industry? 08:59

5. What are they key challenges and advantages of bringing tech advances into the finance sector? Rate of adoption and change – There is a partnership there to be had 11:22

6. What are the risks? 13:40 Are we weighed down by regulation? 17:38 Finding the right balance 18:37

7. What is Blockchain? 19:07

8. Apple Pay 22:05

9. What are the issues that banks are looking to address? 23:41

10. Legacy and what the user expects and how it is influenced 25:45 – 27:27

11. Investment in FinTech and promotion of FinTech 28:10 Other countries are looking to the UK

12. Gov FinTech – how important is it for government to take on FinTech? 28:57

13. What is Project Innovate by the FCA? 32:02 Work with FinTech businesses and test some of the new models 35:00

14. Growth – UK Goals 36:00 Who important is this sector to the UK Economy?

15. Partnerships and collaboration 37:20

16. Are we heading to a bubble? 38:30

17. Are Banks paying attention to innovation? Andra 39:55 / Simon 42:10

18. EU Membership and affects on FinTech Sector in UK 43:42

19. User experience and back end 45:45

20. Big Data Technology 46:00

21. Blockchain and innovation in mortgage and insurance markets 46:34

What is FinTech?

Can the finance sector keep up with the rapid digital change?

Shadi Razak explains the risks.

Andra Sonea explains blockchain on DLTV

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