Connecting and Growing with China – Is your business prepared for growth in a post-Brexit world?

Written by Jim Lawler, DL China

Digital Alchemist Consulting Services relationship with China dates back to the early 1980’s where at that time I established sourcing and manufacturing facilities in China. In those days working with China felt like we were working in new and exciting frontiers.

Solutions Centric has maintained a continued presence in China for close on 20 years. Recently both our companies worked with China’s premier ICT / TMT organisation and a Global Technology Services company to implement the largest digital transformation programme in the world:  Business 4.0+ business solutions. The combined revenues of our clients on this transformation are circa $100 billion.

These experiences have culminated in us launching the Digital Leaders programme in China.

This new and exciting Digital Leaders China programme together with our joint capabilities and experience of our companies will enable us to work with organisations in China and UK to create and optimise relationships to ensure that the maximum benefit is delivered to  both countries in the new post-Brexit world.

As part of the Digital Leaders Programme, we will continue to have an on the ground presence in China that has spanned circa 20 years. 

China: how can I be part of it?

The essence of doing business is built around building trusted relationships which deliver mutual benefits to all those involved in the business. This means not only raising the digital IQ and diversity of both countries but also ensuring that there are beneficial outcomes for all parties.

Building China & UK trusted relationships

The follow represents some of the key aspects associated with building successful trusted relationships with China:

  • Relationships, integrity, and connectivity are the powerhouses to success in the China business culture
  • Reputations are built on transparency, demonstrable integrity, tangible results and outcomes
  • Maintaining a continued presence in China and respect for the language enable you to really connect, connect and connect
  • Demonstrating a passion and sincerity for the relationship with a desire to protect the collective reputation
  • Communications are the life force in cementing the right relationships in China
  • Bringing value to the relationship by providing new insight and knowledge so that we can collectively succeed
  • Harmony is essential to building success in China; harmonious work means a harmonious life
  • Demonstrating acute listing skills; this shows that you have listened, reflected and thought about what has been said
  • Recognise that perfection is the norm
  • Control of one’s emotions is a sign of trust
  • Thinking with the heart and mind will build trust and the right outcomes
  • Going one step beyond in terms of connectivity, time and convenience
  • Ensuring that you have gathered the collective wisdom and insight to ensure the collective “face”. My face is yours and your face is mine

Understanding Chinese values:

In my opinion Chinese values can be best summarised as follows:

trust, integrity, sincerity of intention, authenticity and empathy to build deep, meaningful, successful, and enduring relationships

Upcoming events:

Our first Digital Leaders China event will be in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on the 15 May 2017 where our two topics for discussion will be:

  1. Digital Leaders : Innovation & Growth in China
  2. IoT Innovation

If you are interested in attending this salon event in China please register your interest here:

Our second event we will be a Salon in London, UK during Digital Leaders Week  (19th – 23rd June 2017).

Please register your interest in attending the Digital Leaders China London Salon by signing up on the DL China page:

We look forward to personally meeting with you at the Salon events and to sharing all our collective experiences.




与中国连接和合作发展 – 您的企业是否已经准备好


Digital Alchemist Consulting Services 与中国的合作关系可追溯到1980 年代初,当时我在中国开办采购和生产工厂。在与中国合作的那些日子里,我们感到新奇又兴奋。

Solutions Centric 在过去二十年来一直在中国市场占有重要地位。最近我们两家公司与中国首屈一指的 ICT/TMT 组织和一家全球技术服务公司合作,执行全球最大型的数字技术转型项目:Business 4.0+ 业务解决方案。我们的客户在这次转型项目中的总收入约为 1000 亿美元。

丰富的业务经验促成 Digital Alchemist Consulting Services International 与 Solution Centric 的合作,在中国推出 Digital Leaders 计划项目。

Digital Leaders 这个令人兴奋的全新中国项目,加上我们两家公司的共同实力和经验,让我们能够与中英两国的不同组织合作,共同创建和优化业务关系,确保在英国「脱欧」后为中英两国带来最大的利益和好处。

作为 Digital Leaders 计划的一部分,Digital Alchemist Consulting Services 和Solutions Centric 将继续在中国市场延续已有 20 年历史的业务。





  • 在中国企业文化中,关系、诚信和连接力是取得成功的关键
  • 通过保持业务透明度、可证明的诚信,以及切实的成果建立声誉
  • 持续在中国市场发展,加上尊重对方语言,才能做到真正的接轨
  • 展现出对合作关系的热情和诚挚,致力于保护各方的业务名声
  • 沟通是在中国巩固合作关系的关键
  • 提供新见解和知识,为合作关系带来价值,使我们能够共同取得成功
  • 要在中国市场取得成功,和谐是至关重要的一环;有和谐的工作才有和谐的生活
  • 展现出独到的聆听技巧,表明已经仔细听到、反思并了解所说的话
  • 意识到追求完美才是王道
  • 能够控制情绪是信任的象征
  • 用心思考才能建立信任,并取得正确的成果
  • 在连接力、时间和方便性方面多走一步
  • 确保汇集群众智慧和见解,各方所代表的价值一致



我们首个免费的 Digital Leaders China 活动将于 2017 年 5 月中旬在中国举行,两个讨论主题将为

  • Digital Leaders:中国的创新及发展
  • 物联网创新


请注意,我们将在 National Digital Leaders Week 期间(2017 年 6 月 19 至 23日)在英国伦敦举行免费活动。



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