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Digital Leaders China

The objective of this Digital Leaders China partnership is to actively promote collaboration between China and the UK. This new partnership positively responds to the growth opportunities presented to both our countries in a post-Brexit economic environment. It will also support the acceleration of a digital culture so that both countries can capture the opportunities which emanate from Business 4.0+ and the digital disruption business climate.

Digital Leaders China will focus on building a digital and physical ecosystem for companies in China and the UK to connect with each other and to develop their strategic and operational digital capabilities.

The DL China programme is made possible by the generous support of:



For more information on the DL China programme, please contact Joseph Smith or Jim Lawler

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July 2017

It is easy to assume that digital transformation is just about technology, however in practice, a successful digital transformation is often about changing the whole focus and culture of an organisation. It is often accompanied by people having to adopt new ways of working and embracing radical […]

Catch up on the Online Events you missed during Digital Leaders Week

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Digital Leaders China Salon Event: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

June 2017

The event took place on the wonderful West Lake setting in Hangzhou, which is known as the most beautiful lake in China. The Digital Leaders China event was held at the same time as world leaders gathered from around the world to listen to China’s […]

Digital Leaders China 活动:中国浙江省杭州市 2017年5月15日

May 2017

Digital Leaders China 活动:中国的创新与增长 「一带一路,一个 Digital Leaders 全球平台。」 杭州西湖获誉为全中国最美丽的湖泊,这次 Digital Leaders China 活动就在这里举行。活动期间,刚好遇着来自世界各国的领导人聚首一堂,了解中国政府最新推出一项价值数万亿、名为「一带一路」的全球发展倡议,为我们的活动锦上添花。 是次活动由本人掀开序幕,旨在提醒各位出席者有关 Digital Leaders 平台的重点主题,包括以下各项: 数字化转型 数字化世代的领导力 领先变革 利用技术为他们创造社会和经济利益 这些主题与「一带一路」倡议完全一致。 中国全球发展倡议「一带一路」 「一带一路」的发展原则主要倡导不同文明之间的和谐合作、包容和宽容,也要尊重各国所选择的发展道路和方式;支持不同文明彼此建立对话,寻求共识同时达至「和而不同」;并要好好利用彼此的优势,让所有国家得以和平共处,共同迈向繁荣。 「一带一路」贯穿亚洲、欧洲和非洲大陆,一方面连接着充满发展活力的东亚经济圈,另一面则是发展成熟的欧洲经济圈,两者之间有不少经济发展潜力巨大的国家。丝绸之路经济带将重点汇聚中国、中亚、俄罗斯和欧洲地区的所有发展优势。 「一带一路」比较侧重于基础设施的建设,而 Global Digital Leaders 平台则可提供合适的技能,确保运用正确的技术实践「一带一路」所提倡的举措。 要了解更多有关「一带一路」的信息,请点击以下链接 Everest Research Group物联网实践总监 Yugal Joshi:物联网的市场与挑战 首位参与讨论的嘉宾是来自印度 Everest Research Group 的 Yugal Joshi,他通过视讯为我们介绍了物联网 (IOT) […]

Accelerating Digital Innovation & Growth with China

May 2017

Digital Leaders China will focus on building a digital and physical ecosystem for companies in China and around the globe to connect with each other and develop their strategic and operational digital capabilities. Come and join us at this free salon event on 15 May […]


May 2017

Digital Leaders China 将重点开发数字技术和物理生态系统,让中国和全球各地的公司彼此建立联系,开发业务战略和运营数字能力。 快来参加我们的免费活动,与数字技术专家进行讨论,并了解有关实施物联网的主要思想。 活动将以中英双语进行,将有来自联邦调查局 (FBI) 和 Everest Research Group 研究小组的思想领袖出席参与讨论。我们也将分享与华为合作进行数字化转型的经验。 如有兴趣参与这项免费活动,请在这里登记报名: 英语报名程序 如未能亲身参与活动,请在此注册,日后将收到活动视频的链接: 中文报名程序 如有兴趣参与这项免费活动,请在这里登记报名: 如未能亲身参与活动,请在此注册,日后将收到活动视频的链接:

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