Webinar Recording: What does it really take to make transformation happen?

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Written by Lucy Wakeford, Communications Coordinator, Digital Leaders

The current crisis has demonstrated more than ever the need to transform digitally to pivot and deal with the here and now, but in a way that is sustainable moving forward. The number one priority boils down to one element: Agility.

This webinar explores the opportunities to embrace agility, digital engagement and transformation to harness the new normal and the future unknowns. Our guests discuss their current views, realities and experience on how they have and continue to prepare and prosper with transformative digital strategies and cultures for now and beyond.

Speakers include:

Adam Ford, Deputy Director of Customer Services at HM Land Registry

Adam Ford has worked in customer service for over 25 years with the last 10 as a senior professional.

Adam has successfully lead transformational change in many different sectors including; government, commercial, public and charity. Adam’s greatest strength is his ability to forge and develop strong teams, providing them with clarity of purpose and a strong sense of belonging.

Adam has been recognised and award through the UKCCF for Most Improved Customer Strategy and personally as Customer Service Director of the year 2019.

Adam strives to be the best possible version of himself, encouraging others to do the same both professionally and personally.

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