Webinar Recording: Innovation in Built Environment Services


Written by Lucy Wakeford, Head of Online, Digital Leaders

Check out this recent recording from our webinar with partners Arcus Global, focusing on innovation in the “Built Environment Services”.

Our speaker Robin Barber discusses the system challenges of managing both the large influx in planning applications, the impact of shoffices and the frustration of not always having complete information.

He also looks at how you can:

  • Create a holistic view of your local built environment;
  • Engage with citizens and consultees in new ways; and
  • Move towards decisions being made on a data and not a document access basis; and
  • Providing transparency so stakeholders are able to understand how decisions have been made.
  • How we are helping authorities automate the planning process

Robin Barber has worked at a number of Local Planning Authorities and now at Arcus Global. Watch the recording to hear Robin share his extensive knowledge of both the planning process and of digital delivery, having delivered solutions to a wide range of Local Planning Authorities, Statutory Consultees and Central Government Agencies.

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