Webinar Recording: Impactful Innovation – Avoiding the 80% failure trap


Written by Lucy Wakeford, Director, Digital Leaders

Most innovations will fail when faced with real world implementation – even if they are competently executed. If you had to guess, what percentage of ideas for groundbreaking new products or services fail, what would you say? Well it’s around 80%. Why is this and do we know why someone’s brilliant plan just isn’t working?

To help us discuss this join Emma Mulholland, Innovation Research Lead at Whitespace for some of the answers. Emma will help us understand how you can create impactful Innovation through multi-disciplinary teams, and tried and tested tools and techniques that can be part of the successful 20% of Innovations.

Emma will explain four key elements of good Innovation including:

  • The end to end innovation process, and what happens at each stage
  • Why multidisciplinary teams are important
  • Key elements of an impactful innovation: viability, usability and desirability
  • Discovery techniques to quickly identify the right problem to address

You can watch the webinar recording below.


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