Webinar recording: Staying safe in our new virtual world

Written by Louise Stokes, Director, Digital Leaders

In this session we will take a look at some of the new cyber threats and considerations when doing business online. We will review what’s changed as well as what hasn’t changed and how we can protect ourselves against these threats with some practical steps. Join our speaker Steve Forbes, Global Cyber Product Manager at Nominet. Steve is part of the National Cyber Security Centre’s Industry 100 programme working within the Economy and Society team. He will take us through the latest issues including:

  • The changing threat landscape
  • What are the biggest threats and how are they changing (Ransomware, phishing, extortion, credential harvesting/stuffing)
  • Myths and hype – distinguishing the real threats from the headlines
  • How to protect your home/business network from these threats
  • Protecting your identity Protecting your devices

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