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The power of nudging and behavioural science in the finance sector

June 2022

Nudging. It’s the latest evolution of a trend previously known under the catch-all buzzword Quantified self. Think fitness trackers, smart watches, baby health trackers and plenty of other wearables flooding the consumer market. Thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) and the latest technological advancements, humanity has […]

Give the planet a seat at the table

May 2022

Business architect, Suzanne Maxted MBCS, explains how Impact Transparency is helping to connect everyday projects to the UN Sustainable Development Goals – to reverse climate catastrophe and biodiversity loss, the digital world needs to go back to the future! The government has mandated that the […]

Net Zero
Transporting you to a low-carbon future

April 2022

The transport sector’s carbon challenge We are all facing a climate emergency. We are all asking ourselves: what can I, my company, my community and country do to tackle this existential threat? Transport is the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK, accounting […]

4 key considerations for ethical tech

March 2022

Just as companies might require Software as a Service, Data as a Service or Content as a Service, companies are increasingly seeking out ‘Ethics as a Service’ – but what exactly is it? ‘Ethics as a Service’ is a term recently coined the academic paper […]

Recycling Robot
The benefits of waste sorting robots in recycling facilities

March 2022

As the global population swells, the pressure on our planet’s resources becomes more evident. Recycling is one important way we can all do our part to reduce our environmental impact, and with growing demand for recycled materials, labour availability for sorting and processing recyclables is […]

Recycle on the fiels
Scrapping green waste charges – The whole picture

March 2022

Although they can be unpopular with residents, green waste charges are a consistent revenue driver for the local authorities that enforce them. In recent years however, debate on the prospect of scrapping these charges has ramped up, and at the beginning of 2021 Boris Johnson […]

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