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5IR – technology with a human touch, harnessing the power of collaboration

March 2023

With well-being and values in focus, there’s quite a difference from 4IR which brought about fear of competition, possibly replacement, and a complete focus on prioritising technical progress; 5IR is about building on each other’s strengths and incorporating the well-being of all – technology for people, […]

Transforming for a digital future – six month update

February 2023

The six months since we launched Transforming for a Digital Future, our cross-government digital and data strategy for 2022-25, have been eventful. On top of the enduring impacts of COVID-19 and Russia’s war on Ukraine, we’ve faced the funeral of Her Late Majesty the Queen, […]

How IoT is a game changer for the sustainability metaverse

December 2022

What IoT is to the metaverse To echo the sentiment of a recent article in Wired Magazine, the metaverse is less about any specific type of technology, and much more about how we interact with technology. To appreciate just how compelling a departure this is, consider […]

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