The top 5 challenges of public service transformation

Written by Liam Maxwell, Director of Government Transformation, Amazon Web Services

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Government Transformation team (GTT) runs an executive education program for senior operational leaders in the public sector in association with some of the leading business schools worldwide. Participants learn how the cloud affects their business models and the program highlights routes to successful transformation.

GTT is made up of former government chief technologists, transformation directors, and advisers who have experience leading nation-scale reforms. We’ve taken more than 5,000 senior public sector officials in 23 countries through the executive education program. Their feedback gives us a rich understanding of the challenges that public service transformation leaders face. Using this information, we identified five common digital transformation challenges and published a series titled “Accelerate public sector transformation with the cloud.” Each guide in the series, which I’ve summarized in this post, provides practical advice and real-life examples of transformation in governments around the world. 


Where and how to start digital transformation

The most common question we hear is simply how to start transformation. This guide explores why a strong vision helps initiate successful transformation, explains the benefits of service mapping using proven tactics, and demonstrates how to show early results to gain buy-in for the customer’s mission.

We show how transformation is not only about technology, but also about a mindset shift. To help inspire you, this series-opener features success stories from Singapore, the UK, and Israel.


How to build capability

Competing for tech talent is difficult, especially in the public sector. To address capability challenges, this guide shows how to find, attract, and retain the best talent, and how to leverage best practices across the globe. There are several examples of success in this section, including:


How to get new tech and manage legacy IT

Executive education program participants told us that traditional public sector procurement needs reform to enable them to access innovative technology. In this section, AWS Institute experts explain how they helped successfully reform procurement processes. These reforms enabled the UK government’s digital marketplace. Australia, Canada, and Indonesia are highlighted as examples of best practices and lessons learnt by national governments.


Data security

This guide shows why hyperscale cloud platforms are a better solution for technology security and provides examples of powerful tools to leverage in the cloud. The former head of the UK Defence Digital Service (DDS) Richard Crowther said, “In most circumstances, we can do a better job of security in the cloud than we can do on premises.” Leaders at the UK National Cyber Security Centre echo that sentiment and explain why they recommend moving to the hyperscale cloud in this section.


Service design for user needs

Governments can make services simpler for users and save development costs if they identify and share common digital components. This section explains how to overcome traditional silos, explores national digital identity platforms that underpin seamless citizen services, and illustrates the power of designing with the user need first. For example, Singpass is the Singapore government’s gateway to public services, everything from pensions to health and welfare claims, to more specialised services. In India, Aadhaar, the world’s largest biometric digital identity system, is central to service transformation and makes citizens lives better through easier access to financial services.

To dive deeper, download and read the AWS Institute’s full report titled “Accelerate public sector transformation with the cloud.” Or, browse the parts you’re interested in at these links:

The AWS Institute creates a library of guides, videos, and articles featuring insights and best practices shared by public sector leaders to help their peers accelerate their transformation programs.

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