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DLNZ brings together senior decision-makers across all sectors to share their experiences in creating sustainable digital transformation. Members participate as part of the global DL community of over 100,000 digital leaders generating a rich seam of debate, content and knowledge.

The DL New Zealand programme is made possible by the generous support of:


For more information on the Digital Leaders New Zealand programme, contact Ben Hayman

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Catch up on the Online Events you missed during Digital Leaders Week

June 2017

Digital Leaders week saw multiple webinars and online events; we have embedded them into this handy catch-up blog. Click on the embedded videos below to watch the webinars, discussing digital transformation across the UK. On Tuesday 20 June we had a webinar presented by Tris Lumley, Director of […]

Leading Differently

June 2017

Last week a diverse group of digital leaders from private, public and community sectors got together in Wellington to discuss how to affect change. It was a fascinating conversation peppered with personal stories, different perspectives, questions and some ideas about how to lead differently, in […]

Small is beautiful, provided it’s viable

May 2017

In New Zealand, we often seem to be concerned about whether our ideas and innovations are keeping pace with the rest of the world. When New Zealanders return from overseas to resettle here, they often get asked how a sector, trend, or indeed the whole […]

Building the future of government service delivery

April 2017

Building the future of government service delivery: week 1 at Lab+ The Lab+ work is being led by the Service Innovation Team in the Department of Internal Affairs (external site link). It is part of the Better Public Services Result 10 agenda (external site link), which is focused on […]

Agile culture and organisational immune systems

September 2016

There has been plenty of writing about culture change being essential if organisations are to get decent value from Agile as a set of methods. It’s also mostly recognised that Agile requires the right mindset and that just changing processes is not going to work. […]

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