DL New Zealand

DLNZ brings together senior decision-makers across all sectors to share their experiences in creating sustainable digital transformation. Members participate as part of the global DL community of over 100,000 digital leaders generating a rich seam of debate, content and knowledge.

The DL New Zealand programme is made possible by the generous support of:


For more information on the Digital Leaders New Zealand programme, contact Ben Hayman

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February 2018

It is easy to assume that digital transformation is just about technology, however in practice, a successful digital transformation is often about changing the whole focus and culture of an organisation. It is often accompanied by people having to adopt new ways of working and embracing radical […]

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December 2017

The tech industry — including open source — have a strong role to play in contributing to a stronger, kinder, more resilient NZ. I’m going to cover open data, open government, open source — but only briefly, as you’re already experts! — and how it all ties together into something called “civic tech”. […]

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What is public service work worth in the grander scheme of things? In the grander scheme of things, what is our work worth? What is its value to the world? We can attempt to measure costs and perceived benefit to an organisation and to customers. […]