Webinar Recording: Managing the cultural mindset in digital transformation

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Written by Eleanor Crouch, Digital Leaders

In an era where digital transformation plays such a huge part in our everyday life. Are really aware of the consequences it’s having on all of us?From business to personal we cannot avoid connectivity and technology engagement. From flicking through our social channels to listening to music via Spotify. From booking a cab to managing our business infrastructure on the cloud.Are we truly aware of its impact, the good, the bad and the ugly? Digital culture is beginning to have the virtual seep into reality.

From traditional “paper men” to the “millennial addicts” how do we regain balance and normality, when our online addictions are now highlighted as the crack cocaine of our digital society.

In this session, presenter Naomh McElhatton, Director of Digital Education at SMART Global talks us through the various mindsets, how we can embrace transformation for the good of our businesses and society. The webinar also generates some food for thought as to how we manage the force of technology that is transforming our future.

Naomh McElhatton has been highlighted as one of Northern Irelands most energetic entrepreneurs.

As Curator of the She Said Club and founder of SMART Global, Naomh is well known for delivering and hosting top class events, conferences, digital transformation training and marketing consultancy around the globe.

Being heavily involved within the digital and creative industries, Naomh hosted the inaugural “Women in Tech” Conference in Northern Ireland, she is a STEM Ambassador, sits on the board of the Digital Catapult and has even delivered a TEDx Talk highlighting our online addictions.


Watch the full recording here:


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