Insights Report Service launched by Digital Leaders

Written by Robin Knowles, Founder, Digital Leaders

Insights Report, launched today, will be available to a total audience of 250,000. It’s the new service that allows you to generate a report on any digital transformation topic. The content of the report is made up of great writing, by individual experts, curated and edited by Digital Leaders and other trusted sources. 

Digital Leaders is already valued for the excellent thought leadership it constantly publishes. This writing spans 12 digital topics from AI to Transformation and is written by independent experts from Government, Business, Charities and Academia. In all we currently have about 900 expert contributors. 


Our content

Digital Leaders’ thought leadership is written in the first person and in each case is the personal opinion of an expert author. It contains no selling and is curated and edited by our content team before being published on . Each article is made available on our “Insights” page and on our Substack and Medium pages. They are also added to the relevant topic pages and shared via our Friday morning Insights webmail which has 112k subscribers. 

They typically get 1,000+ reads, but after an initial couple of weeks they drop down the Insights page and topic pages and unless you know they are there, out of sight. 


The challenge

It is frustrating that those coming to Digileaders from all levels of leadership, to address their individual skill gaps, only see a thin sliver of the knowledge and thought leadership available to them. We have a website search box, but who wants to search random words on a website to receive a list of “urls” to click. 

So we and leaders have a problem. How can we make the recent archive of curated writing by the Digital Leaders expert community available on the topics they want to research and when they want it?  


The solution

Today Digital Leaders have solved the problem with our new Insights Report service which we are launching in Beta.

Insights Report is a research tool. This new service quickly and easily allows leaders to generate a tailored report on any of our digital transformation topics. The content of the report is made up of great writing, by individual experts, taken from and other trusted writers. 


How does it work?

Go to the Insights Report page and type into the search box your report title relating to a digital topic (examples could be: AI Trends; Digital Inclusion, Healthtech and data etc.) and Hey presto! in less than 2 seconds you receive your report. 

The Insights Report has: 

  • a smart cover, including your title and the date; 
  • a contents page; 
  • A Summary review of your topic; and 
  • 10 blogs that cover the area of your chosen report topic with 90% relevancy.


Each blog is summarised and has the URL to the original piece of writing on  

Working with third party organisations, Insights Report, launches today and will be available to a total audience of 250,000. We hope longer term, that it will be a great new way for leaders across the world to access the thought leadership they want when they need it.


Wider benefits

This new service is equally good news for the experts writing for Digital Leaders. Not only is their writing always available long term to our community, exactly when they need it, but now we can see which topics are being requested and how often. This enormously valuable data will help us attract new writers and guide existing experts to generate the relevant content that leaders need. We believe this will create a new and positive upward spiral for content and information creation that Digital Leaders need.

Please try Insight Report using the Beta version and please give us feedback on how useful you find it so we can improve it.

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