Salon: Open Policy Making in the Era of Digital Democracy

02 May @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Open Society European Policy Institute ( OSEPI) Rue du Trône 130, Brussels B-1050, Belgium

The EU is challenged to find new ways to create the links among citizens and between citizens and governments, and to use those links to increase trust in the decision making process, make better policy and create a more involving democracy.

The EU and its citizens could benefit from a more purposeful approach to opening up policy making.

Join our brilliant speakers to discuss how to allow a wider range of citizens and stakeholders to participate in policy making and build a greater connection between public discussion and government action.


Robert Madelin, Senior Adviser for Innovation, European Commission

Neil Campbell, Acting Director, Open Society European Policy Institute

Anthony Zacharzewski, Chief Executive, the Democratic Society
The panel will be chaired by Robin Knowles, Founder & CEO of Digital Leaders.

The event is organised in partnership with Open Society European Policy Institute and The Democratic Society. 

Places are limited, so please register now to avoid disappointment. The event will be followed by networking with drinks & canapes.


Open policy making is a term that originated in the UK government’s civil service reform work, and which refers to a connected set of open government approaches including transparency, bringing different voices into the policy making process, and experimenting with new participation initiatives. 


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