Insight Live: Affordable 5G technologies – transforming health & social care

06 November @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm, Online

Jen Fenner

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Affordable 5G technologies: transforming health & social care

A webinar by Jen Fenner, DefProc Engineering; Rosemary Kay, eHealth Cluster Ltd; and Ann Williams, Liverpool City Council

Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care provides a free 5G-style community intranet to volunteers in Kensington. The volunteers are trialing new technologies that support them to live independently with conditions like diabetes (anti-loneliness apps, home sensors, video-to-pharmacy medi-link.)

An ultra fast, reliable, large-data-supporting technology is needed to run these technologies, which people in digitally deprived areas can’t afford.


  • Can emerging technologies – 5G and IoT devices – lighten the load for health and social care at this critical point – ageing populations, reduced funding, analogue tele-health services switching off?
  • How can we ensure poorer communities benefit equally from health/social care innovations/technologies?
  • What key areas of health and social care provision could benefit most from a move to harness emerging technologies like 5G?
  • What role does effective engagement between designers, disrupters, technology SMEs and public sector bodies (council, hospitals, care providers) have in creating health technologies that’s useful and easily adopted?

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