Digital Leaders Book Club – Desire Code by Denise Hampson

07 September @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Online

denise hampson

The Digital Leaders Book Club is a community for Digital Transformation Leaders who enjoy nonfiction books, networking, and author Q&As.

Desire Code: Designing services people want, Denise Hampson

‘Create a great experience.’ Sure. Do it. ‘Get close to your customer.’ Sure. Do it. ‘Turn customers into fans.’ Absolutely! What’s missing: how to do these critical things. Well, now we have the best answer anyone has provided so far.’ – Tom Peters

This book presents a refreshing new approach to human-centred design. Desire Code is a framework for applying the principles of behavioural science to the design of engaging products and experiences. We make hundreds of decisions daily. There’re the obvious ones like what to wear, what to eat, whether to send that email and how to structure that report… but there’s hundreds more that are so tiny we barely notice we made a decision at all.

Book Club Meeting: 5 – 6pm, 7 September 2021

Our September book will be discussed in the #DigiLounge on the 7th of September.