Delivering Digital Transformation – Digital Leaders Book Club

09 March @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm, #DigiLounge

Alan brown, Chrsitne and the Book.

About this Event

The Digital Leaders Book Club is our community for Digital Leaders who enjoy business books about leadership and digital transformation. Held in the virtual #Digilounge on the second Tuesday of the month, our March meeting will look at the February book: Delivering Digital Transformation: A Manager’s Guide to the Digital Revolution by Alan W. Brown.

Business leaders, industry strategists, academics, and policy makers are all scrambling to make sense of digital transformation and to define strategies for success in our increasingly digital economy. Based on a wide variety of examples and success patterns, this book provides today’s leaders, managers, and practitioners with the tools for both understanding and leading in the digital age.

Professor Alan W. Brown will join us to discuss his book along with guest host Christine Ashton. Christine is a leading CIO and CTO in industry and will host your questions and promises us an informative look into what this book is telling leaders about digital transformation.

The session will include:

* An interview with the author;
* A Q&A session with the audience;
* Hosted table discussions on the leadership and digital transformation issues raised in the book;
* Time for members to network informally; and
* An introduction to the next month’s book.

The event is free to attend for Book Club members. If you would like to join to receive your invitation to this event, please apply to join the Book Club.

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