The Digital Leaders Book Club is a community for Digital Transformation Leaders who enjoy nonfiction books, networking, and author Q&As. Held on the second Tuesday of the month, our ethos promotes thoughtful discussion and meaningful connections about leadership and digital transformation. 

Why now?

A recent survey found that 41% of UK adults were reading more than they had before the March 2020 lockdown began. Although working from home can be freeing and productive, many are continuing to try to work around housemates, partners, and children. As COVID-19 continues to isolate us, social lives often consist entirely of endless Zoom meetings.

The Digital Leaders Book Club builds engagement, networks and learning through a shared reading experience. It offers its members something vital: a personal link with leaders in digital transformation who are soldiering on in partial or total physical isolation, a mechanism for sharing our values and culture.

How does it work?

Digital Leaders Book Club Meetings

Each month members receive an exclusive invitation to the #DigiLounge to meet fellow members and to discuss that month’s book. 

  • An interview with the author or a content expert; 

  • A Q&A session;

  • Hosted table discussions on the leadership and digital transformation issues raised in the book;

  • Time for members to network informally; and

  • An introduction to the next month’s book.

This month's book - May 2021

No filter sarah frier

No Filter: The inside story of how Instagram transformed business, celebrity and our culture, Sarah Frier

Drawing on interviews with all the key figures at Instagram, No Filter vividly recreates the rise of the most successful photo app in history: from its origins in a Silicon Valley coffee shop, to its unprecedented billion-dollar acquisition by Facebook, to its founders’ dramatic clashes with their new boss, Mark Zuckerberg. Along the way, it explores how Instagram has changed society – encouraging businesses to prioritise their aesthetic above all else, forging a new economy of digital entrepreneurs, and rewiring how a generation thinks about celebrity and success.

Sarah Frier is a senior technology reporter for Bloomberg News out of San Francisco. Her award-winning features and breaking stories have earned her a reputation as an expert on how Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter make business decisions that affect their future and our society.


Book Club Meeting: 5 – 6pm, 8 June 2021

Our May book will be debated and discussed in the #DigiLounge on the 8th of June.

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Digital Leaders Book Club Recommendations

Books on leadership and digital transformation have always been a part of Digital Leaders and here, some of our members have kindly recommended their favourite books.

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