17% – Banking on Diversity in Tech

02 November @ 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm, Westminster, London

Join this event which will bring together Digital Leaders, with the objectives of Women in Banking and Finance (WIBF) and Lloyds Banking Group (LBG)’s focus on increasing the number of women in senior roles to 40% by 2020. Research has revealed only 17% of employees in the UK tech sector are women- the UK still has a long way to go.

This is an opportunity to re-examine the ‘leadership capabilities’ needed for transformation, and for future leadership to become more diverse, as well as more digitally-enabled & agile. But are we asking ourselves the right questions?

The speakers will discuss:

  • How to inspire colleagues to create a truly digital environment, and ultimately a digital nation.
  • The risk of being exclusively inclusive, and how we recognise and prevent it
  • Core solutions and actions for networks, and what individuals can implement to ensure women are at the forefront of digital transformation
  • The key changes impacting digital leadership within banking and finance, focusing on agile methodologies and the opportunities this provides for more diversity at senior levels
Speakers include:
  • Michelle Adams, Director of Talent and Development at O2
  • Vivienne Artz, President of Women in Banking and Finance
  • Sayara Beg, Chief Data Scientist, Datanut
  • Marian Bloodworth, Employment Partner at Kemp Little & WIBF Advisory Board Member
  • Claire CalmejaneDirector of Innovation & Digital Centre of Excellence at Lloyds Banking Group
  • Andy Clarke, Risk Director, Group Digital and Transformation at Lloyds Banking Group
  • Sarah Deaves, Private Banking Director & Co-Chair of Breakthrough at Lloyds Banking Group
  • Sally McFall, Head of Membership, WIBF & Director at Stanton House
  • Julianne Miles, Co-Founder & MD, Women Returners
  • Jacqueline de Rojas, Chair of Digital Leaders
  • Justine Roberts, CEO, Mumsnet
  • Sue Unerman, The Glass Wall – Chief Transformation Officer, Mediacom
  • Leigh Smyth, Head of Marketing and Communications, WIBF & Head of Group Digital Inclusion, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Nick Williams, Managing Director, Consumer and Commercial Digital at Lloyds Banking Group

Registration is essential, as places are limited. Please book your place using the registration form.

Please take our anonymous survey on Women in Tech, and its findings will be published online and presented on the afternoon of this event.

The event is held in partnership with: