Why are there 122 names in the Digital Leaders 100?

Written by Robin Knowles, CEO Digital Leaders

A highlight of the year for me is the curation, crowdsourcing, judging and ultimately the public vote that creates the DL100 list each year.

Now in our 6th iteration in 2018, I feel the list with its ten categories, crowd sources the group wisdom of over 100,000 members, to let us know who is doing the best digital transformation work. It’s a list of back room teams and those working to make the UK a great digital nation. This year’s list can be rightly proud of their achievement.

However, each year we add 22 more names to the list and give out two extra awards at the DL100 Awards Dinner, when we give the top finishers in each category an extra well-deserved round of applause.

The first “extra” category has been with us from the start being the DL Local Champions. Digital Leaders is about a national network of members not just London. We have split ourselves up geographically across Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and 9 English regions and each year these 12 regions decide on and nominate a Local Champion to represent the region.

Once more, the 2018 list reflects the cross-sector community that make up Digital Leaders in the UK. We have representatives from SMEs, Central and Local Government, Academia, Charities and Enterprise and a 50/50 gender split.

On the 21st June at the Awards dinner our judges will let us know which of these 12 will be crowned overall DL Local Champion.

This year’s other 10 extra names form part of something we started last year, which we are calling our DL100 demonstration category.

We got the idea last year when we added the Young Digital Leader of the Year Category. That went so well that we decided this year to include it in the main DL100 as one of the ten.

This year’s Demonstration category is Digital Team of the Year. The criteria are “A team delivering a Digital Transformation who have demonstrated an exceptional digital culture and impact” and we have ten crackers from central and local Government, charity and enterprise. Are there common threads to what makes these great teams tick? Well certainly take a look and why not come along to the National Digital Conference on the 21st June where 5 of the ten are taking part.

I hope you are as impressed as I am with the DL100 2018. Remember that this is one list where the taking part really is as important as the winning.

I hope to see you and say hello at one of the many events taking place during DL Week 2018. Or even better with glass in your hand at the DL100 Awards dinner on 21st June when we will be learning the results.


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