Webinar Recording: Preparing your business for GDPR

Mark Gracey, GDPR Webinar host

Written by Mark Gracey, Owner of Flavourfy Digital

With the GDPR deadline looming on the horizon (25th May) there’s no better time to be thinking about how your business should be getting ready and putting a plan in place to deliver compliance.

Being prepared is about understanding what the GDPR means for your business and analysing what needs to be done to meet GDPR compliance by May.

This webinar was hosted by Mark Gracey, Owner of Flavourfy Digital & Digital Compliance Hub, to discover what you need to do to get a plan in motion. The webinar covers:

  • Data protection basics
  • The key GDPR changes
  • The key GDPR challenges
  • How to carry out a data protection audit


Watch the full recording here:


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