Webinar Recording: Predicting food and feed risks with the use of data science

Written by Nitin Gangwani, Senior Manager - Business Analytics at Cognizant

The innovative use of data has truly transformed the way the Strategic Surveillance team at the Food Standards Agency predict and identify emerging food and feed risks. Their effective use of open data and use of data science techniques, combined with an agile way of working has enabled the business and technical teams, to work together as one team – evaluate and investigate use cases, speak a common language, build iterative prototypes – enabling a faster, better and collaborative response to business problems.

In this webinar we hear from Jesus Alvarez-Pinera, the Head of Strategic Surveillance from the FSA and Nitin Gangwani, Senior Manager and Project Lead from Cognizant on how the application of data science is helping the FSA to build a bigger picture of the food system, predict emerging food risks and vulnerabilities before they become a risk to public health. The webinar is packed with data-driven insights and share useful information on:

  • The goals of the Strategic Surveillance programme
  • The drivers that lead to a change in their ways of working
  • An iterative approach to food safety using prototypes
  • Some of the success stories and benefits of the programme



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