Webinar Recording: Digital Innovation in the City of Bristol

Innovation in Bristol

Written by Myles Powell, Digital Leaders

Cross-sector collaboration between the private and public sectors is ushering in a new wave of innovation for cities like Bristol and the services that their populations rely on.

Watch this webinar hosted by Julie Snell, CEO, Bristol is Open and Peter Anderson, Head of Service, Connected City Service Bristol City Council; to get an introduction into the Digital Innovation taking place in the city of Bristol from Bristol City Council, the Operations Centre and Bristol is Open’s unique city wide digital testbed infrastructure.

Julie and Peter will discuss how their work is intrinsically linked and how a collaborative relationship has enabled the city to win accolades such as being 1st Smart City Index ahead of London and a GLOMO award.

This relationship has also formed the basis of many current success stories: Technology in Bristol is currently being trialled to help improve the safety of Bristol citizens on the Harbourside. There have been considerable steps towards bridging the city’s digital divide by enabling connectivity and opportunity to those in the city that aren’t currently connected. Finally, technology is enabling the city to improve healthcare at home for Bristol’s citizens, enabling independence for longer.

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Watch the webinar below:

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