Webinar Recording: Newcastle – What makes a smart city?

Jenny Nelson - smart cities

Written by Myles Powell, Digital Leaders

By 2030 it is expected that nearly 5 billion (61%) of the world’s 8.1 billion people will live in cities. This growing trend of urbanisation will lead to increasing strains being put on city services in the years to come.

It is therefore vital to begin transforming the way our cities run now so that moving forwards our cities can provide the best services for all. Through encouraging private and public sector collaboration, city councils will be able to employ more effective technology, transforming our cities into Smart Cities.

Watch this webinar recording hosted by Jenny Nelson, Digital Newcastle Programme Manager at Newcastle City Council – and Paul Armstrong, Business Management Partner at Newcastle City Council, to find out why Newcastle is receiving growing national and international recognition as a Smart City – including Smart City of the Year 2019 at this year’s DL100 Awards.

Jenny and Paul discuss how smart cities change the lives of people who live and work there. As well as how the Local Authority plays a key role in facilitating public and private collaboration to achieve maximum benefits for all.

Watch the Webinar below:

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