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Watch the webinar: Your people are your most effective defence against cyber attacks

Written by Vicki Gavin, Compliance Director at The Economist Group

Innovative digital transformation requires effective digital resilience. Protecting your reputation, competitive advantage and operational capabilities from cyber-attack is now ‘business as usual’ for organisations. It’s fundamentally a human issue and not just about technology. The stark reality is that 90% of cyber-attacks succeed because of human error – the unwitting actions of any member of staff, irrespective of their role or seniority.

Everyone in your organisation has a specific and vital part to play in protecting your most valuable and precious information. Our people and their behaviours must sit at the heart of any effective cyber resilience response. It requires a balanced and collaborative approach across the entire organisation – embedding the awareness, insight and skills that will make you more effective in mitigating the cyber-risks you face.

So how can you develop, embed and sustain the resilient behaviours you require across your workforce?

In this recent webinar Vicki Gavin, Compliance Director at The Economist Group and Nick Wilding, General Manager, Cyber Resilience, RESILIA discussed:

  • The people vulnerability – the stories and the facts
  • Why typical cyber security awareness training methods are failing us
  • What good cyber resilience can look like
  • The principles and benefits of adopting a new approach to behaviour change.

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