Watch the latest Self-Service Prison Tech Research Webinar

Written by Professor Cynthia McDougall, University of York

Technology in prisons has the possibility to transform the prison service and prisoner outcomes as well as driving efficiencies across the whole service. Technology has so far been introduced into private sector run prisons and immigration centres, and also into three public run prisons.

This webinar presented the world’s first academic research into the effect of self-service technology, looking specifically at the impact of introducing prisoner kiosks and in-cell devices in custodial environments for both prisoners and prison staff.

Presented by Professor Cynthia McDougall OBE of York University we considered the results of this investigation, offering webinar participants an opportunity to ask questions and to examine the findings. Participants also heard from David Brampton, Deputy Director at Acacia Prison (WA).

This webinar recording will be of interest to those in the justice sector, groups working with prisoners and ex-offenders, and technologists interested in the justice sector. This webinar is made possible by the generous support of Unilink Software.

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