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Written by Eleanor Crouch, Digital Leaders

By the nature of what it is, tech organisations and those who lead them should be progressive and innovative. However, there is a persisting lack of diversity across the sector.

More diversity in the Tech Sector beyond white heterosexual males is a good idea for two reasons. Firstly, an organisation, whatever its sector that reflects its users is more likely to understand the user needs they are meeting and secondly, with a shortage of skilled staff, excluding more than half the population as a possible source of talent for the sector makes no sense.

Identity informs your experiences and that identity and experience is going to impact and inform your ideas, your thoughts, and your ability to identify challenges, problem solve, and innovate as a team.

Our regular host Kate Russell was joined by lead discussants including Vivienne Artz President of WIBF , Jacqueline de Rojas, Chair of Digital Leaders and Sue Unerman, CTO at MediaCom, to talk about how to increase the diversity of the Digital sector.

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