Webinar recording: transforming local public services digitally

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Written by Eleanor Crouch, Digital Leaders

It’s no secret that Local Authorities are being pushed to deliver new and improved digital services with a declining budget. Local councils in England have seen average cuts of 26% since 2010, taking inflation into account and some have faced higher restrictions in their budgets.

As well as these financial challenges, the digital transformation of Public Services requires wholesale change including:

  • Developing a new internal culture
  • Encouraging staff to self-serve
  • Improving staff engagement

All of which is expected to be achieved in a short period of time. Despite this, some of the most innovative and self-disrupting transformations have been seen in Local Government.

Jamie Garrett at Invotra, presented a recent case study of how a quality, digital and future-proof service can still be achieved,  even with the restrictions currently placed on Local Government.

Watch the full webinar recording here:

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