Digital Transformation is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. Transformation is imperative for all businesses, from the small to the enterprise. During recent years, we’ve seen shifts in how traditional leadership roles operate, as silos break down and the scopes of various roles widen and change. Digital transformation has morphed from a trend to a central component of modern business strategy.

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Working with data to transform services

January 2019

I recently marked a major milestone in my career: I’ve now been in the Civil Service for 25 years and I even have a certificate to prove it! But although I’ve been a civil servant for a quarter of a century, I have not stood […]

hands typing on keyboard
Digital Transformation: what the public sector needs to consider in 2019

January 2019

The pace of technological change has never been so great. And with that change, comes the ever-rising expectations of citizens; expectations that government departments need to meet. Last year we conducted a survey with GovNewsDirect speaking to individuals from 95 central government departments and agencies […]

Irene Sandler talking at panel
Three myths of organisational innovation

January 2019

For technology sorts like me, the month of January is awash with headlines about innovation, thanks in part to the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. From robot delivery dogs and air taxis to the inexorable polyglot that is Google Assistant, we mere mortals […]

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‘Digital first’ in NHS long-term plan

January 2019

Digital will play a pivotal role in ensuring that the health service is fit for the future, NHS England says this week in its long-term plan – as health secretary Matt Hancock continues to press for digital innovation across the service. Apps and more will […]

Digital Customer Services team at HMPO
You can now apply for a first time adult passport online

January 2019

Having already processed over 2 million passport renewals (mentioned in our previous blog) and received extremely positive user feedback, we have now opened up the service to first time adult applications. “Opening our digital customer service to first time adult passport applicants is another huge step forward for […]

Woman reading tablet in front of giant computer
Four ways AI will make a difference in 2019

January 2019

In 2019, artificial intelligence (AI) will increasingly become a mainstream presence in our work and personal lives, inspiring our purchase decisions and digging deeper into business outcomes and events. At the same time, expectations surrounding AI will also grow, as calls for transparency and fair play become too […]

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