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Tech for good covers digital products and services designed to improve lives and make the world a better place.It is technology that makes an impact, not just a profit. Digital is changing the way children learn. It is making people healthier. It is improving public services. It helps us respond to refugee movements and floods. And it helps us understand global trends. Tech for good can come from non-profits, government or businesses.

Our Tech for Good programme here shares ideas about tech for change and social impact that make the world a better place. We connect our community’s good ideas to good money. We also debate the digital downsides like wellbeing, privacy, power and future jobs. There are two main events each year, the Tech for Good Impact Awards in the Spring and the Power and Responsibility Summit in the Autumn.

Impact Awards

The awards have been running since 2017, and are open to any UK-operating business, individual, government or non-profit using digital products or services for positive social impact.
Entries for the 2021 awards will open in October 2020.

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Power & Responsibility Summit

The Power & Responsibility summit explores how technology can respond to the societal and economic issues we face, and debated issues of regulation, trust and the unintended consequences of the digital age.

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