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Tech for good covers digital products and services designed to improve lives and make the world a better place.It is technology that makes an impact, not just a profit. Digital is changing the way children learn. It is making people healthier. It is improving public services. It helps us respond to refugee movements and floods. And it helps us understand global trends. Tech for good can come from non-profits, government or businesses.

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Girl taking a photo for Snapchat
Introducing a duty of care for social media

November 2018

As the Government prepares to publish its Internet Safety Strategy White Paper early next year, there is no shortage of advice in development to help Ministers decide on their way forward. Parliamentary inquiries on the impact of technology on our lives, being undertaken by the […]

Digital Agenda Awards, the stage with crowd
New award honours tech diversity

November 2018

DigitalAgenda’s Impact Awards are back for a third year – and for 2019 we’ve added a diversity category. Julian Blake explains the thinking behind the new award – and the sorts of innovations the judges will be looking for. DigitalAgenda’s quest for the very best of […]

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2019 Impact Awards open for entries

November 2018

DigitalAgenda’s quest for the very best of UK tech for good is back on for a third year, as we open up our 2019 Impact Awards for entries. With new award categories and a new headline sponsor, the Impact Awards remain fresh, exciting and hugely […]

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Tech for good offers downside ups

October 2018

This month’s Power & Responsibility summit put a strong focus on the solutions technology can offer society. In a series of lightning interviews, Adah Parris talks to four tech-for-good entrepreneurs about how their digital innovations provide answers to problems that tech is often seen as creating. […]

Green city
Will our smart cities be green cities?

October 2018

Cities in the UK are great places to live. But they also face challenges: congested roads, polluted air, hotter summers, and ageing infrastructure. And with local authority budgets being chopped, resources to sort out these problems are scarce. As well as suffering negative environmental impacts, […]

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