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Tech for good is all about using digital technology to make a positive difference in the world over profit based motives.

Relevant transformations could involve changing the way children learn, helping people stay healthy, improving public services, helping us respond to disasters like floods and pandemics, and understanding global trends. It can come from nonprofits, governments, or businesses.

We host our annual impact Awards where we celebrate the digital technology innovations that improve people’s lives and the world around us.

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How AI can identify and prioritise vulnerable customers

October 2023

Natasha Gilmour, Head of Operational Support  at Citizens Advice Scotland, looks back at the winter 2022 with a shudder. The cost of living crisis meant “we were hit by an avalanche of demand”. Incoming requests more than doubled. The proportion of cases marked ‘very urgent’ […]

Bridging the digital divide: The significance of assisted digital services

October 2023

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, digital literacy has become essential for individuals from all walks of life. I constantly hear about the importance of improving digital skills for customers, whether they are tenants seeking to access information easily, or job applicants navigating the online world […]

Community-led digital inclusion support

October 2023

How do you reach people who aren’t online? How do you engage people who simply aren’t interested in learning digital skills? These are two questions we hear all the time from a range of stakeholders, and we usually give the same answer – through local digital […]

Impact mapping – what is it?

October 2023

Fresh from holding a number of impact mapping workshops and webinars over recent months, I’ve been considering why impact mapping is gaining so much traction at the moment. Packed conference audiences are one sign, as are the conversations with our clients, who regularly tell us […]

Designing digital health services that meet everyone’s needs

October 2023

Digital service design is key for the public sector. As we move increasingly online, ensuring everyone from the public through to employees can access, use and navigate them is vital. But designing these services is no easy task. There are a vast range of public […]

ESG top of employee agenda

October 2023

Today’s workforce is rightly demanding more action on environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. Civica’s Julie Chell explains how organisations can make a meaningful difference The expectation for companies to take responsibility for their environmental and social impact is not new. It’s driven by company […]

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