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Tech for good is all about using digital technology to make a positive difference in the world over profit based motives.

Relevant transformations could involve changing the way children learn, helping people stay healthy, improving public services, helping us respond to disasters like floods and pandemics, and understanding global trends. It can come from nonprofits, governments, or businesses.

We host our annual impact Awards where we celebrate the digital technology innovations that improve people’s lives and the world around us.

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How AI saved £400k/year for Citizens Advice Scotland

November 2023

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has an unusual operating model. It’s an umbrella organisation of 59 local bureaux. Each bureau is its own independent charity, organised to best suit the needs of their local community. That local knowledge is key. So far so good. But this […]

Enabling families to have their voice during the Continuing Care Process

November 2023

Social care is in desperate need of widespread reform, but to protect the safety of our most vulnerable, Children’s long-term care needs specialist attention. Recently the Children’s commissioner called for urgent reform, which is now more than ever paramount, as ministers have pledged to eradicate […]

ESG over time – a view from the Boardroom

November 2023

I come from a perspective of having been on the Board of 6 publicly listed technology companies and many private ones. The drive to ESG responsibility started many years ago initially aimed at governance and risk management. I remember over 20 years ago taking part […]

How AI can identify and prioritise vulnerable customers

October 2023

Natasha Gilmour, Head of Operational Support  at Citizens Advice Scotland, looks back at the winter 2022 with a shudder. The cost of living crisis meant “we were hit by an avalanche of demand”. Incoming requests more than doubled. The proportion of cases marked ‘very urgent’ […]

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