Innovation - "Turning ideas into value"

Digital Innovation is about the incubation of ideas, learning and innovative technology solutions, to gain valuable practical experience from the use of cutting-edge technology in real-life applications.

Innovation can help government and business master the emerging technologies they need to accelerate digital transformation. Usually this involves exploring new technologies, developing prototypes and creating rapid business and public service deployment.

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Reception group DLW2020
A Digital Week in June

March 2021

This week we gathered in #Digilounge to announce the dates for this year’s Digital Leaders Week. It’s going to be the 14-18 June. It will be the 4th DLWeek we have run and the second under Lockdown conditions. In the week that saw the TechNation […]

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What digital skills will the workforce of tomorrow need?

March 2021

I’m writing this in an unusually quiet house. It’s 9am on a Monday morning and normally there would be a cacophony of Zoom assemblies, Teams calls and frantic typing at this time. Today my kids have gone back to school.  This lockdown was a very […]

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What did the seismic shock in 2020 mean for tech trends?

March 2021

Following an in-depth piece of tech trends research in 2019 in which nearly 300 respondents told us what technology they expected to shape 2020 and beyond, I ran a follow-up tech’ trends pulse check at the end of 2020. Only asking three questions, we wanted […]

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3rd Public Sector Innovation Conference – Chair’s reflections

March 2021

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of chairing the Digital Leaders 3rd Public Sector Innovation Conference.  It was [obviously] a virtual conference – the first virtual conference I’ve chaired – and something I really enjoyed was the vibrant chat panel, which allowed a broader set […]

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How does innovation impact society?

February 2021

Technological innovation affects all aspects of our world, from agriculture to transportation to how we communicate with each other. Mundane tasks can now be automated using robotic process automation (RPA), while artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a collaborator across industries as varied as medicine, transportation and fashion.1 In […]

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Trust, data and unlocking value in the digital financial services workplace

February 2021

Digital technology innovations have enabled vast amounts of data on work and the workforce to be available to employers. This digitally derived employee information is a new and relatively untapped source of business growth because it reveals valuable insights that can unlock employee potential and improve business results. In fact, according to recent Accenture research, using this information properly has […]

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