Innovation - "Turning ideas into value"

Digital Innovation is about the incubation of ideas, learning and innovative technology solutions, to gain valuable practical experience from the use of cutting-edge technology in real-life applications.

Innovation can help government and business master the emerging technologies they need to accelerate digital transformation. Usually this involves exploring new technologies, developing prototypes and creating rapid business and public service deployment.

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Digital Transformation Supplement in the Times

June 2020

The Times Newspaper has today published a Special Report on Digital Transformation, in association with Digital Leaders. 81% of IT professionals believe COVID-19 has created the biggest technology pressure their organisation has ever experienced. How are companies handling a sudden digital transformation shift during the […]

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Digital transformation – time to burn the boats?

June 2020

There is no doubt that the current crisis is having a major impact on organizations of all sizes, styles, and maturity. Navigating the choppy seas of today’s fight for survival will soon lead to a desperate search for calmer waters where they can repair damage, […]

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The impact of remote working on project delivery

June 2020

Given that Neueda already had a remote working policy in place pre-COVID-19, we were in a good position to mobilise quickly. While we had an effective business continuity plan in place, the biggest challenge came from the impact that remote working would have on the […]

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Using digital solutions to keep local authority customers informed

June 2020

Keeping people digitally informed about services, and providing them with the means to access these services, creates value for those organisations who do it well. It also creates the much-needed pull to encourage customers to keep returning to digital and to reinforce the digital channel […]

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The rise of bots: AI in the public sector

June 2020

At a time when the majority of our communications are online and consumers are increasingly expecting information at their fingertips, investing in automation technologies to support always-on communication is crucial. From our tailored Spotify music recommendations to our interactions with Alexa, more parts of our […]

The 2020 Digital Leaders 100 is a showcase for leadership

June 2020

Every year for the past eight, we have gathered to welcome a new cohort of the top 100 Digital Leaders for that Year and on Monday this week we gathered again, but under lockdown it was virtual and in the #DigiLounge. The #DigiLounge if you […]

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