The only way we can keep up with the pace of change is to retain our heritage in diversity of thought leadership. This inclusive thinking is what makes us a nation of great ideas and innovation. The Digital Leaders programme strives for 50% female and male speakers at all events, our advisory board is 50% female and the Digital Leaders Community is itself 47% female. Reflecting the markets we serve and leveraging every corner of the talent pool is our opportunity to accelerate our nation’s productivity.

Diversity On-Demand

Digital Self-Care and Self-Defence: Feeling confident to use your voice online; A talk by Gwen Taylor Programme Manager, Glitch

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We all have a role to play

October 2021

Anoop Kurian, Chair of the Race Action Group at DWP Digital shares his personal lived experiences and how he wants to make a difference in this role and as a citizen for Black History Month. To be responsible citizens, we all must do better. Too […]

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Life as a technical architect at DWP Digital

September 2021

Rashmi Hangular works as a technical architect in DWP Digital’s Sheffield-based Dynamic Trust Hub. However, like most of my colleagues I’ve been working from home for just over a year now. One of the key achievements in the Dynamic Trust Hub in the last 12 […]

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The IT roles crying out for more women!

August 2021

The shortage of tech skills in the UK isn’t new. In 2019 there were over 600,000 tech job vacancies, and this crisis costs the UK economy £63 billion a year. To compound the issue, women only account for between 17% of tech staff.  But, there […]

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Four ways public servants can tackle inequality with experimentation

July 2021

Public servants have tried to reduce inequality for decades, but it persists – and there’s still a lack of robust evidence about what works. By testing new ideas, gathering information on what works, and looking closely at the impact of interventions, an experimental approach can […]

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Tackling public sector legacy technology through accelerated discovery

July 2021

One of the top priorities for the public sector in recent times has become digital transformation, as public bodies seek to improve services and generate a greater return on investment through technology.  Though digital transformation is a focus, legacy technology still seems to be a […]

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Tech for Good: How Beam is using tech to tackle homelessness

June 2021

Four years ago, I got to know a homeless man outside my local tube station. I’d buy him cups of coffee and pairs of socks when it was getting cold. At one point, he disappeared for weeks on end. When he reappeared, he looked years […]

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