The only way we can keep up with the pace of change is to retain our heritage in diversity of thought leadership. This inclusive thinking is what makes us a nation of great ideas and innovation. The Digital Leaders programme strives for 50% female and male speakers at all events, our advisory board is 50% female and the Digital Leaders Community is itself 47% female. Reflecting the markets we serve and leveraging every corner of the talent pool is our opportunity to accelerate our nation’s productivity.

Diversity On-Demand

Digital Self-Care and Self-Defence: Feeling confident to use your voice online; A talk by Gwen Taylor Programme Manager, Glitch

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What works to boost diversity in entrepreneurship?

June 2021

Women and minority ethnic entrepreneurs combined contribute around £130 billion to the UK economy. Despite their sizeable economic – and social – contribution, women and minority ethnic founders still face disproportionate barriers when it comes to starting and growing a business. They experience worse access to finance, are less likely to […]

Hybrid working
How to make the right decisions about hybrid working

May 2021

Recently I’ve been thinking about when to have that first real life work meeting. When should I do it, what’s the safest way to have it and how am I going to find the time inbetween Zooms? This is one of the many decisions we […]

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Another great year for women in STEM

May 2021

It’s been an inspiring year for women in STEM. Kate Bigham, chair of the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce, alongside her team developed what has been one of the world’s most impressive deployment strategies. She studied biochemistry at university and has worked as a venture capitalist for many years, bringing a science background and business […]

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Advancing equity, diversity and inclusion at Nesta

April 2021

Our aim is to advance equity, diversity and inclusion in every dimension of what we do and hold ourselves accountable for the results. The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year and the urgent calls for racial justice from the Black Lives Matter movement […]

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Four ways public servants can tackle inequality with experimentation

April 2021

When set up correctly, experiments can help policymakers gather better evidence and achieve greater impact. By testing new ideas, gathering information on what works, and looking closely at the impact of interventions, an experimental approach can help to change this, improving equality, diversity and inclusion; […]

Sunday Times Paper
The Future CIO

March 2021

The Future CIO is a business strategist, a digital, data and technology visionary, a global thought leader, a chief customer officer and a talent master. The role is to enlighten, to delight, to share and enable through influence. This individual is no longer the human […]

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