The only way we can keep up with the pace of change is to retain our heritage in diversity of thought leadership. This inclusive thinking is what makes us a nation of great ideas and innovation. The Digital Leaders programme strives for 50% female and male speakers at all events, our advisory board is 50% female and the Digital Leaders Community is itself 47% female. Reflecting the markets we serve and leveraging every corner of the talent pool is our opportunity to accelerate our nation’s productivity.

Banking on Diversity in Tech

Jacqueline de Rojas Keynote at Banking on Diversity in Tech

Women Returners in Digital

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Does diversity strengthen or weaken the culture?

July 2020

No, I am not going to write about isolationist or nationalist governments and other political movements, I am speaking here to industries, businesses and other organisation My business is to try to support and improve the culture within organisations, working to make your staff feel […]

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Teen acceleration programme, a parents perspective

July 2020

My sixteen-year-old son has been active for about a year, with a local education startup, Acorn Aspirations, that aims to empower teenagers with the skills and attitude to emerge as entrepreneurs and tech leaders. And, this seems a good time to summarise the changes I […]

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There’s never been a better time to hire women in tech

July 2020

The rise of remote and flexible working and a looming recession mean tech companies have fewer excuses not to hire women — and more incentives to do so. When pressed on their lack of gender diversity, companies often focus on the pipeline problem — the […]

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We talk a lot about the role of digital tech in healthcare – its ability to speed up diagnosis, manage conditions and improve both patient care and the way in which healthcare professionals connect with patients, for example. In these testing times, it is also […]

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Why you should be thinking about website accessibility

May 2020

For pretty much all of us, the web is an essential part of everyday life. But in the UK, one in five people has a disability — visual, hearing, motor or cognitive — that could make it difficult or impossible for them to use a […]

Is ‘woman in tech’ still a useful label?

April 2020

I don’t tend to think of myself as a ‘woman in tech’ despite having a leadership role at a large ccTLD registry that’s part of the UK’s critical national infrastructure – I don’t really feel like a technical individual. In my mind and I suspect […]

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