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Digital Women

It is generally accepted that as a nation we are struggling to keep pace with the need for digital skills. A recent National Audit Office report states that the ‘UK digital skills gap across all industries exacerbates the government’s situation, even before considering demands of transformation’. In this digital age of technology infiltrating every aspect of our lives, you would think we would have women distributed at all levels of IT. However, a recent Computer Weekly report revealed that the average percentage of women working in technology teams in the UK is 12 per cent – down from 15 per cent last year.

Banking on Diversity in Tech

Jacqueline de Rojas Keynote at Banking on Diversity in Tech

Women Returners in Digital

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Manchester Digitally Diverse Salon
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January 2018

The Digital sector should be diverse. By its very nature digital transformation is driven by unique thinking and differences in views. Despite this, the tech market is still lacking in areas of diversity. For example, a recent Computer Weekly report found that only 16% of […]

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Supporting children in a changing world

January 2018

Life in Likes, the recent report from the Children’s Commissioner on social media use by 8-12 year olds, injected some much needed realism and insight into the debate about children’s adoption of technology. Social media sites’ terms and conditions may say they restrict users to […]

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December 2017

The tech industry — including open source — have a strong role to play in contributing to a stronger, kinder, more resilient NZ. I’m going to cover open data, open government, open source — but only briefly, as you’re already experts! — and how it all ties together into something called “civic tech”. […]

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