Public Sector Technology Report in the Times

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Written by Lucy Wakeford, Director, Digital Leaders

The Times Newspaper and Digital Leaders have teamed up to publish a special report on Public Sector Technology in this morning’s edition of the Times.

From schools to hospitals to law enforcement, problems with outmoded, expensive, clunky technology can be found in every area of the public sector, but things are changing. Our Public Sector Technology report explores how one London local council could be the next Silicon Valley for data, how low-code is helping to ease budgeting problems and how new tech could help clean up the Metropolitan police force.

The report includes insights from Digital Leaders Advisory Board Member and Director of Economic Development for the Scottish Government, Colin Cook who points out that Digitalisation is not just nice to do, it’s now a business necessity.


Digital Leaders who are not already Times subscribers can download a free copy of the report below.

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