Google heralds the Smart Internet of Things

Written by Sarat Pediredla, Cheif Executive Officer, hedgehog lab

The Google Event in October was set-up to be all about the new Pixel 2 smartphone, but some of the most exciting announcements of products had little to do with the Pixel 2 and all to do with Google’s vision of the Smart Internet of Things.

While the Internet of Things has been much hyped recently and there are some quick examples of the Amazon Dash button and Amazon IoT platform, a lot of IoT conversations that we have been having are very enterprise and business focused. Google is starting to set out a vision where de-constructed smartphone components combined with AI will allow new and unforeseen applications.

Its all about AI

One big underlying theme of the Google Event and where I think the evolution of IoT will head is baking AI into these discrete devices. As Apple has focused increasingly on user experience and hardware-software integration, it is clear Google is betting all out on AI being the differentiator for its platform.

While it’s not evident how useful something like Google Clips is in its current state (and Elon Musk certainly seems unimpressed by it), it sets an ambitious vision of de-coupled camera that is always on, always thinking and intelligent. Such a camera has vast applications in the industrial, manufacturing and business environments. While Google is primarily marketing the current camera to consumers, it is evident that if they can pull off large-scale production of an intelligent camera at this price, it will have broader application.

Similarly, while the Google Pixel Buds are already named as something that will change your life, I think the broader application of this technology in something like a future version of an AR/MR Google Glass edition, coupled with AI, will transform what enterprises can do with the technology.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on where you see the real-world business application for both these technologies and the untapped potential. For more insights and thoughts on the Pixel event and all things IoT, follow our blog.

This article was originally published here and was reposted with permission.

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