Workshop: Human and AI, Better Together?

20 June @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Close Brothers Group plc, 10 Crown Place, London, EC2A 4FT

AI is on the rise and that’s a fact. However, with the march of the robots, software or otherwise, fears about how our lives will be transformed have been a staple of science fiction for decades.

Whether you feel AI is a force for good or hide firmly behind the necessary paranoia of living in the company of Kubrick’s HAL 9000, we all have views on where the line needs to be drawn. So, what does this mean for business? The starting point for the answer here depends on what you want to achieve and what your appetite for risk is.

Attend the event to explore the new order of AI and the ethical consequences of implementing AI based solutions, including:

  • the use of AI to augment and support real world activities as an aid to real people
  • the ethics of pushing the boundaries and simulating seemingly human interventions with AI
  • the future of AI and the impact of algorithms teaching machines in business


Martin Goodson, Evoultion AI: Martin Goodson is Chief Scientist and CEO of Evolution AI, and a specialist in machine reading technologies. He was recently elected as the Chair of the Royal Statistical Society Data Science Section, the main professional body for data science in the UK. He also runs the largest machine learning community in Europe, Machine Learning London. Martin’s work has been covered by publications such as the Economist, Quartz, Business Insider and Tech Crunch

Katie Gibbs, BJSS: Katie Gibbs is head of AI at BJSS, the UK’s leading privately-owned IT and Business Consultancy. Katie and her team cut through the hype to deliver design-led AI to ensure that the user experience remains at the heart of AI to drive long term adoption and high value solutions for enterprises.”

Chanuki Illushka Seresinhe, Popsa: Chanuki Illushka Seresinhe is a visiting data science researcher at the Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence. She also works commercially, currently as the Lead Data Scientist at Popsa and previously a Senior Data Scientist at Channel4. Her research has been featured in the press worldwide including the Economist, Wired, The Times, BBC, Spiegel Online, Guardian, Telegraph and Scientific American. She received her PhD from the Data Science Lab, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick.

Jedidiah Francis, Labs: Founder and CEO of (pronounced Jedi), a Start-up Studio. Previously she founded and led the Machine Learning team at designing and building Personalisation products.

Paul Forrest, MBN Solutions: Host

Paul has some twenty-five years’ experience of helping businesses to solve complex business problems, deliver their transformation goals and to achieve tangible strategic outcomes. Hands on and deep thinking, he has worked with many FTSE 100 clients, Global 500 businesses and major Government entities around the world including Ford Motor Company, VAG Group, BAE Systems, GSK, AkzoNobel, RBS, HBOS, Diageo, Bacardi, Wal-Mart, British Airways, Virgin Galactic, Etisalat, British Telecom, Vodafone and Allen & Overy

Limited tickets are available, so please register promptly.