Working better together to deliver public sector Digital Transformation across London

19 June @ 3:00 pm - 6:30 pm, London City Hall in the Council Chamber

London is a major international tech centre and home to institutions of global standing, but how its 32 councils, public services, institutions and tech community can work better together to promote innovation and better services remains both a major challenge and an opportunity.

Those who attended the DL London salon during the Digital Leaders Week heard from speakers including Andrew Collinge, GLA’s Assistant Director, Natalie Taylor, Senior Manager for Digital Transformation at the GLA and Theo Blackwell, LB Camden Councillor to discuss opportunities including:

  • Better coordination between City Hall, boroughs, the NHS and TfL;
  • Open innovation and greater collaboration with London’s tech sector;
  • Common standards and shared ways of working across London’s 32 boroughs; and
  • Meeting Londoner’s needs and solving problems using data and digital technology
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