Webinar: The smart tech revolution – Do the latest digital tools hold the keys to improved productivity for businesses?

18 June @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm, This is an online event

Every business, from tiny startups to global corporations, is acutely aware of the importance of productivity to growth. But how can the UK create an environment that enables productivity, empowers a workforce and transforms the way businesses operate? For the business community in the UK, where declining productivity since 2007 has led to a 15.8% shortfall compared to the rest of the G7, it’s a question that has particular significance.

Increasingly, business leaders are looking to the latest generation of smart digital technology to enable productivity and drive transformation. Smartphones and Cloud applications are empowering a mobile workforce, giving them the means to collaborate with colleagues and connect with clients at home or on the go.

New technology still in its relative infancy, like Artificial Intelligence, is helping businesses streamline their manufacturing and production, helping them work smarter and more efficiently than ever before.

So, given there are now a myriad of digital technologies readily available, all capable of transforming organisation, how can we ensure that businesses embrace new technology as a means of unlocking productivity?

Join the webinar with presenters including Jonathan Print, Digital Growth Advisor at GC Business Growth Hub and Wigan Council; and Hannah Evans, Head of Innovation Strategy, Volume to find out.