Webinar: A Greener Web – How sustainable is your website?

19 June @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm, Online

Wholegrain Digital

Did you know that all websites have a carbon footprint and therefore an impact on the environment?

Join Tom Greenwood, Managing Director of sustainable web design agency Wholegrain Digital, and Jerome Toole, WordPress Developer, Wholegrain Digital, who will explain impact websites can have on the world, and why greener websites are better for users and your business, as well as the wider environment.

This webinar will cover:

– The carbon footprint of the internet
– The impact of websites on the environment
– How green is your website? Calculate the C02 emissions of your website using Wholegrain Digital’s websitecarbon
– How to reduce your emissions – Tom will share some quick and easy changes you can make to reduce your emissions,
improve your site speed and provide a better customer experience
– Q&A

This webinar is free to attend. Register your attendance via the button on the right hand side.