Understanding Digital Policy – An Unconference

14 December @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm, London

How is policy shaping the uptake and use of Digital Media and Technologies?  How are Digital Media and Technologies shaping policy making and policy implementation?

Digital is not only a concern for economic policy around the Creative and Digital Industries sector.  Cultural policy in regard to Digital Media regulation, rights and content, as well as the role of Digital Media in arts, are of growing importance to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and to regulators such as Ofcom.  At the same time Digital Media and are becoming key to government policy implementation; such as the roll out of Universal Credit or access routes to services.  They are also being proposed as tools to help develop policy though connecting with citizens or through use of data and models.  They are being used by citizens to put pressure on policymakers – for example through social media campaigns.  Access inequalities in regard to Digital Media remain a key concern for government and many third sector agencies.

This workshop will bring together academic researchers, policy makers, and industry to explore these issues and future research questions.  Using an ‘unconference’ format the goal of the workshops will be to elicit reflection and discussion on the key research challenges facing research on policy making in the ‘digital age’. Topics that will form the basis of activities will include, but are not limited to:

Digital policies

  • Digital Inclusion and exclusion
  • CDI sector policy/regulation
  • Digital and social policy
  • Arts and culture policy

Digital tools in policy making

  • Tools that support policy making
  • Methods of policy making – rise of ‘agile’ policy making

Digital in policy delivery

  • Digital communication
  • Big data and evaluation

The event is supported by the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association – Policy network, the Digital Leaders network and is being run by the ESRC “Ways of Being in a Digital Age” team.

The workshop will seek to develop a short position statement on future research challenges for each of the areas explored.  These position statements will feed into the ESRC review, inform the Meccsa policy network and the media policymakers attending, and we hope into new research collaborations.

If you have any queries about the event please contact the Being digital team ([email protected]).