Putting the customer first: How social media and customer collaboration can help

06 July @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm, Cardiff

Today’s world is fast moving. New decisions, new ideas and new products are being developed every day but what’s provoked these decisions, ideas and products to be made? Money and competition or customer demand?

In this session Gethin Liddell, Director of Technical Sales at Cafex Communications; Helen Reynolds, Director at Social for the People and Owen Williams, Head of Social Media BBC Wales – will explain why the customer should be at the heart of your organisations’ decisions.

They will also cover how customer collaboration and social media can be used to ensure you know your customers well and provide the information you need to make those decisions clearer, easier and quicker.

Places are limited so please register now to avoid disappointment. This Salon will be followed by networking, drinks and food.