Insight Live: How to accelerate change through powerful storytelling

06 November @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm, Online

Stuart Maister

Insight Live Week (4 – 8 November 2019) is the virtual summit you can take part in without leaving the comfort of your desk. Even better, unlike physical conferences where you end up sitting through content you just don’t need, Insight Live lets you dip in and watch the specific talks on the topics that matter to you.

How to accelerate change through powerful storytelling

A webinar by Stuart Maister, Chief Storyteller, Strategic Narrative

You can view a one minute summary of this webinar here.

Your new reality starts as a compelling story. That’s why the process of getting right your story is so critical to the success of your change programme. In this webinar award-winning business leader Stuart Maister takes you through a structured methodology for developing and articulating a clear and powerful narrative of change.

This will not only engage your people. It will align the change leadership and help define what you do and don’t need to do. It’ll become clear what’s important in order to fulfil the promise of the story you tell, and it ensures everyone is pointing in the same direction.

Change programmes fail in part because different people tell a different story. Here’s how you make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Stuart has worked with many organisations all over the world on their storytelling, and in this one hour webinar he’ll share some of the key ideas that he uses in this work.

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