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DLTV: Digital Apprentices

10 March @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm, YouTube Live Broadcast

As part of National Apprentices week we are going to be talking about Apprenticeships in the Digital Sector. Whether in Government, the private sector or non-profit there is a growing recognition of the opportunity offered by those not going to university or those combining university with an apprenticeship for a win-win, providing both the employer with new talent and the young people with a varied and exciting learning experience

The DLTV show will explore these issues, drawing on the experiences of three businesses looking at Apprentices through their work with local Colleges, recruiting and training Apprentices and through building ecosystems around startups and young talent.

The show will be hosted by BBC Click’s, Kate Russell joined by a panel of digital experts including Sarah Tulip, COO at AQL, Mark Heholt, Head of Apprenticeships at the Tech Partnership and from Informed Solutions CEO, Seth Finegan.

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