Digital Leaders Malaysia is connecting leaders and bridging digital gaps

Written by John Lim, Country Partner

Digital Leaders Malaysia (DLMY) believes in creating a sustainable digital ecosystem that promotes effective long-term collaboration between professionals across industries in Malaysia, the UK, and beyond. This initiative will assist in accelerating a digital talent pool to which opportunities can be explored and seized as a result of digital disruption.

The global digital revolution has become a catalyst for Malaysia’s overall economic growth and development. Building a ‘Digital Malaysia’ is now a national transformation programme that is aimed towards a developed digital economy by 2020. The focus is on enabling a knowledge based economy, specifically in the areas of industry, infrastructure, human capital and digital inclusion. The demand for strong digital infrastructure is imperative to Malaysia’s economy and vital for the development and growth of a digitally skilled workforce capable of driving innovation, creativity and productivity.

A recent example of this began in March 2017, when Malaysia launched the world’s first Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ). The DFTZ is poised to be the preferred gateway of choice for global brands and regional marketplaces in eCommerce. It will empower Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and marketplaces through services such as unified government services platform, integrated digital eServices platform, satelite services hub and access to global logistics and fulfilment services.

The DFTZ is divided into two main elements. The first, is the KLIA Aeropolis which is strategically for custom clearance, warehousing and logistics facility which are crucial for production clearance and exports. The second, is the Kuala Lumpur Internet City (KLIC) which is to be the premier digital hub for global internet-related companies. The KLIC will facilitate end-to-end support that will encourage digital innovation in the industry.

So within this exciting environment of growth and political commitment to build a digital nation, DL Malaysia is building a community that supports and shares digital ideas, with access to global industry leaders and domain experts to catalyse innovation and bridge digital gaps.

If you would like to know more about this initiative or be part of our growing community please get in touch.

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