Digital Transformation Supplement in the Times

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Written by Lucy Wakeford, Head of Online, Digital Leaders

The Times Newspaper and Digital Leaders have teamed up to publish a special report on Digital Transformation in this morning’s edition of the Times.

The report explores the key trends for digital transformation in 2020, acknowledging that 97 per cent of business decision-makers say that the COVID-19 pandemic has sped up digital transformation at their company. It delves into how coronavirus has accelerated transformation in business but also in education, the growing importance of digital skills, and the key elements for a successful digital evolution.

The supplement includes articles by Digital Leaders Founder Robin Knowles: who considers how leaders can motivate digital teams when working remotely and as we unlock; and Director Louise Stokes, who advocates the importance of building virtual communities with real networking experiences.

You might also notice the back-page, which advertises next month’s Digital Leaders Week, 12-16 October 2020. This is an online week of digital transformation with talks, workshops and networking. There are over 200 sessions, 300 speakers and 70,000 free places that can help you find what works; how to; and where to get advice around digital transformation. Registration opens on the 11th September, so watch this space.

Digital Leaders who are not already Times subscribers can download a free copy of the report below.

You can download the pdf here, or read the supplement below.

Digital Transformation Supplement in the Times

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