Digital Transformation Supplement in the Times


Written by Lucy Wakeford, Head of Online, Digital Leaders

The Times Newspaper has today published a Special Report on Digital Transformation, in association with Digital Leaders.

81% of IT professionals believe COVID-19 has created the biggest technology pressure their organisation has ever experienced. How are companies handling a sudden digital transformation shift during the crisis?

The report explores the key trends for Digital Transformation in 2020, and examines how different industries are adapting to the change. It looks at how COVID-19 has accelerated the public sector’s adoption of emerging technologies and why AI and automation adoption levels could be hindered as organisations fear reputational damage in the event of a scandal.

The report also features an opinion piece from Robin Knowles, Founder and CEO of Digital Leaders, on being a digital leader in an age of uncertainty.

Digital Leaders who do not already receive The Times or an online version can download a free copy of today’s report below.


Download the PDF

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