Building out the Northern Powerhouse’s digital infrastructure

image of a city and glowing lines across it symbolising the digital hotspots

Written by Jade van Zuydam, Programme Manager, Digital Leaders

Since its launch in June 2014, the Northern Powerhouse has grown substantially. However, while industry is booming up North, strain on the current digital infrastructure could slow down progress unnecessarily.

In this webinar, Professor Adam Beaumont, Founder and Chairman of aql, alongside Richard Francis, Senior Account Manager at Network Rail, discuss how the continued work to drive productivity and increase opportunities for people across the North needs to be complemented by continued investment and development of the Northern Powerhouse’s digital infrastructure. They explore how local partnerships, the physical infrastructure and super connectivity will be essential to achieving this.

Whilst the North is yet to be recognised for its giant internet cities the likes of Paris, London or Amsterdam, by putting infrastructure in place between locations such as Leeds and Manchester, the resulting combined global network critical mass will give them that competitive edge, joining them together as the internet powerhouse of the North.

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